At Food Source, we offer the best grades and consistently superior seafood quality. Our quality seafood is sourced from Australia, New Zealand, and Vietnam. We use the latest high technology to preserve, pack, and transport to ensure that our customers can enjoy the most delicate flavors.

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Australian Seafood

Australian seafood is the imported choice of many countries because of its freshness, abundance, and variety. Food Source is a pioneer in distributing Australian seafood to the Vietnamese market. We work with Australia’s largest suppliers to bring you fresh and premium quality seafood.


Vi Seafood

Vietnamese Seafood

Favored by Mother Nature in many ways, Vietnam is no doubt a must-see destination in Southeast Asia for all seafood lovers. With over 3000 km of coastline, 12 lagoons and bays, 115 estuaries, thousands of islands, and islets, our country offers an exceptional variety of fresh seafood, proudly exports to around the world and conquer the most demanding markets.


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New Zealand Seafood

If seafood is your thing, then New Zealand is your oyster. With more than 10,000 kilometers of coast and clean waters, New Zealand is a world-famous natural source of excellent seafood. Food Source offers you premium seafood from Moana New Zealand, which is harvested solely from the coastal waters of Aotearoa, New Zealand.


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