At Food Source, we offer the best grade of beef from Australia and Argentina. We have a good relationship with big meat processors to bring you perfect quality beef in Vietnam. We always have the highest quality cuts and portions of beef available for various premium dishes.

Australian Beef

Australian Beef

Australian beef is a popular choice among consumers. Australian beef is raised under an advanced monitoring program to ensure the cattle are healthy and well looked after at all stages of production. Australian beef when eaten will have a softer and sweeter taste. This will be one of the good choices for processing and cooking with Western-style dishes, especially beefsteak.


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Argentinian Beef

Argentinian beef has earned a reputation for being some of the world’s best. It’s widely known for being incomparably tender and rich. Food Source offers the best grades of Argentinian Grass-Fed Beef. Argentina-raised cattle require no additional antibiotics and are reared naturally with no additional growth hormones, which results in high-quality meat.


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New Zealand Beef

New Zealand beef is famous around the world for its taste, texture and nutritional quality. The lush green pastures, temperate climate and strong farming heritage ensures the best New Zealand beef.


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