Marri is an indigenous Australian word meaning great, abundant, vast. A word that adequately expresses the rich, generous flavors of our premium Wagyu beef. Marri Wagyu often achieves marble ratings of 9+ (the highest recognized score in Australia). It is this rich marbled quality that gives experienced chefs the ideal foundation from which to produce a centerpiece meal that blends dark, seared, delectable flavors with a fantastic gratifying taste.

Our cattle are nurtured on luxuriant natural grasslands in the south-east of Australia before being introduced to a well-balanced diet of natural grains for at least 400 days. The cattle are also handled, fed, and cared for in line with stringent quality control procedures that place a strong focus on appropriate animal welfare in a low-stress setting. The whole end-to-end production process is governed by strict production procedures and quality controls. These extra effort result in consistently better marbling ratings, which is the key to the mouth-wateringly rich, melt-in-your-mouth eating experience of Marri Wagyu.

Strict quality controls and production procedures are used throughout the whole end-to-end process. Our supply chain’s dependability guarantees constant availability, giving you the peace of mind to assure your guests of a memorable meal today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Marri Wagyu is now available in Vietnam, exclusively with Food Source Vietnam!