We offer the best grades of Australian Premium Lamb from the big brand – Woodward.

As one of Australia’s largest meat wholesalers with distribution centres in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne and Swan Hill, they are dedicated to upholding the highest quality standards across the entire network.

The “paddock to plate” promise means they own and operate assets across the supply chain, including a network of farms, feedlots and livestock.

Family owned and operated since 1888, they’ve seen five generations proudly carry through the Woodward name. They are proud and passionate about their meat and service. Their full-service supply chain is perfected, as well as their expertise in every area of meat production and supply to ensure consistency every single time. Risks associated with loss of quality across the range are eliminated by keeping a close eye on every step, paddock to plate.

Premium Woodward Lamb

Award-winning Australian Lamb are raised on free to roam pastures, free of hormone growth promoters and a key source of iron, vitamin B12 and protein. Woodward Foods Australian Lamb is unparallel in quality. Enjoy the signature taste and consistency of pure Australian Lamb and create mouth-watering dishes when entertaining or for the family. It’s quality where you can taste the difference.

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