We offer the best grades of Australian Grain-Fed Beef from Tuwinga farms.

Meat your demands is the unwavering vision and mission of Mooney Pastoral Co. Established in 2016, Mooney Pastoral Co Pty Ltd which owns the Tuwinga farms is a company staffed by the most professional agricultural management team in Australia and enjoys a long-term cooperative relationship with Australia’s most well-known fattening farms and slaughterhouses. The goal for Mooney Pastoral here is the single-minded devotion to quality, professional breeding management, the relentless care for animal/cattle welfare, and strive to reward our end clients for their trust in us with the supreme high quality, Australian pure black grain-feed Angus beef they deserve.

Tuwinga Grain-Fed Angus Beef

The specialist Tuwinga brand is none-other-than the 150 days Grain-Fed Angus Beef.

Raised and fattened at the Tuwinga farm in the well-known bountiful Liverpool Plains and the diverse and abundantly resourceful farms, it is no exaggeration to say that this prime black Angus cattle enjoy the finest environment, care and expert diets that ensure they are the top choice of any discerning customers or beef connoisseurs.

Developed by animal nutritionists, the diets of the cattle compose of cereal grains (wheat, barley, sorghum), fibre (hay and silage), protein (cottonseed, canola meal and molasses), vitamins and minerals. Resorting to the world’s leading scientific feeding methods, with nutritious cereals measured in precise proportions. Pride is taken in producing a prime, high-quality grain feed Angus beef. This 150 days Grain-fed beef is characterized by the delicately tender, creamer texture, and the beautiful marble pattern, the meat oozes the juicy and buttery taste favoured by many of our high-end clienteles.

Centrally located in north-west New South Wales and nestled into the foothills of the Great Diving Range, the Liverpool Plains. The plains themselves are perfect grazing land for beef and lamb. The superior quality of the pastures and various crops ensure the requisite nutritious cereals/grains needed to raise the cattle of “Tuwinga”.

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