We offer the best grades of Australian Grain-Fed Beef from the big brand – The Bachelor.

Regarded as the father of the modern Angus breed, William McCombie was born in 1805. Despite his father’s wishes, McCombie began a lifelong journey to develop the world’s finest Black Angus polled cattle herd. The accomplishment of his life’s work included winning more than 500 prizes for his livestock throughout Europe.

A highly influential figure, McCombie received a rare and distinguished honour for a commoner – a visit to his farm by the Queen. Having dedicated his life and love to agricultural endeavours, McCombie died on his farm in 1880, as ‘The Bachelor’.

‘The Bachelor’ embodies the passion and dedication of William McCombie embracing his focus on attention to detail and refinement of the product to deliver Black Angus beef at its best.

The Bachelor Premium Grain-fed Black Angus Beef

The Bachelor, a premium Black Angus beef product delivers a consistently tender, juicy and richly flavoured eating experience every time. Relying on our dedicated producer network, we source the best Black Angus cattle available and manage them within our integrated feedlot and processing facilities.

The cattle are fed a specially formulated grain ration for a minimum of 120 days to deliver the expected eating quality with a 2+ marble score. Our state-of-the-art processing facilities in Queensland and New South Wales ensure the highest levels of food safety, animal welfare, and product specification.

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