We offer the best grades of Australian Grain-Fed Beef from Silverdale brand.

It all began in early 2012 when international renowned restaurateur Wang Tse joined forces with 3rd generation Australian cattle producer Sam McNiven to create Pure Australian Beef of Distinction for restaurants and retailers across the globe.

The pair originally met over 20 years ago at Kinross Wolario School in South Eastern Australia, and this long-term friendship brings a trust in one another, and a love of beef that lies at the heart of everything they do. With extensive cross-sector experience spanning Australian and international markets, they combine an unprecedented on-the-ground localised expertise in breeding, rearing, processing, marketing, quality assurance, management and logistics to create bespoke value-centric beef solutions tailored specifically for local market needs.

Silverdale Grain-Fed Beef

Raised on pristine pastures across Australia’s farmland, the home-grown, barley enhanced herd of prime Angus Cross cattle are 100% hormone and chemical free. This purposefully bred cattle ensures the Silverdale range guarantees bold flavour and tenderness. The cattle enjoys a natural diet of lush grass and fresh artesian minderal water while they roam free-range across the family farms in South Eastern Australia. The cattle is finished for approximately 70 days using a proprietary blend of natural grains to create a world famous, nutritious flavour.