We offer the best grades of Australian Wagyu Beef from Security Foods Premium brand.

Security Foods Pty Ltd was founded in 2001 and is a privately owned Australian company. It operates a large integrated breeding program producing premium quality Wagyu and Wagyu cross beef. The entire breeding program was designed to produce cattle, bred for Australian conditions, with the highest standards for meat quality and safety.

Quality Assurance is an extremely important aspect of the business. Since 2005 they have maintained 100% JAS accreditation (Japanese Agricultural Standards). JAS is one of the most stringent traceability systems developed by the Japanese government to provide consumers with the safest food possible. As part of that process Security Foods is audited yearly by the Japanese Organisation of MAFF. As a consequence, they are still the only company outside of Japan to be accredited across the entire Wagyu Production meaning they are able to maintain 100% traceability on all carcasses produced.

Security Foods Premium Wagyu Grain-Fed Beef

Security Foods uses full-blood Wagyu from the lines Fujiyoshi, Eiko and Tajima. They are bred in the temperate southern regions of Australia, in particular the Victorian Highlands, young calves are nurtured on their mothers in pristine grazing areas. From 12 months of age, they are moved into dedicated facilities and finally finished on grain for a minimum of 500 days. Only the best carcasses which have been independently graded by Aus-Meat accredited chiller assessors are selected.

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