We offer the best grades of Australian Premium Lamb from our mother brand – Mulwarra.

The Mulwarra brand was established in 1997. The company’s name “Mulwarra” is a native Australian word meaning “A man that always has meat” and represents the consistency and the reliability of the company in delivering to their customers the finest quality meats.

Premium Mulwarra Lamb

Mulwarra Lamb is a quality, reliable and consistent premium product. All lambs are sourced from the pristine green pastures of Australia’s southern state of Victoria, using only second cross lambs bred solely for meat production. These produce consistent and quality cuts with an outstanding eye muscle on racks and loins.

Mulwarra lamb is processed by two of Australia’s foremost establishments, with animals sourced directly from leading grower groups, which ensures a regular and consistent supply throughout the year.

Mulwarra Lamb
Mulwarra Lamb 01
Mulwarra Lamb 02