We offer the best Australian cheese & yogurt from the top Australian Dairy brand – Meredith Dairy.

Meredith Dairy is the largest farm of its kind in Australia. Both goats and sheep are being milked and processed into dairy products. Their aim is to value-add all farm produce, not just milk, to produce the best products they can and farm in a responsible and sustainable way.

Premium Meredith Dairy Product

Sheep and goats are the foundation of the farm and business. Their wellbeing is optimal and they have access to the best nutrition and veterinary care. The goats live in open-walled sheds and are given fresh straw daily. They have access to grass, fresh air and sun, weather permitting. Their sheep roam the pastures around the dairy, they have a woolly coat and are naturally hardy. This protects them from the elements so they don’t need bedding or sheds. This nomadic lifestyle fertilises the paddocks and regenerates the soil.

Meredith Dairy products are made every day from the milk collected on the same day. Grains grown on the farm are used by the dairy animals, straw is used for bedding, cheese whey is fed to beef cattle and animal manure is returned to the soil as fertiliser.

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