We offer the best grades of Australian Premium Lamb from the big brand – Marrunga.

An indigenous Australian word, Marrunga meaning “sweet” , is from the language of the Wiradjuri nation who are the First Peoples of the region.

Marrunga Marble is Australian made and owned. Marrunga Marble is brought to the domestic and international market in a joint project by MH Premium Farms and Mulwarra Export.

MH Premium Farms is a leading agricultural producer with properties located across a number of locations in Eastern Australia.

Mulwarra Export is a specialist exporter of premium Australian beef, lamb, veal, Wagyu beef, venison and other specialty products to over 35 countries.

Premium Marrunga Marble Lamb

A product of selected genetics and a developed feeding program, Marrunga Marble is set to redefine what you can expect from Australian Lamb. The meat is recognised by its high marble characteristics which gives it augmented taste and texture.

Each cut is beautiful with fine threads of healthy intramuscular fat, giving it a luxurious quality and mild lamb taste on the palette. Challenging the traditional lamb flavour profile with a more mild and luxurious juicy finish, it is highly appealing to both domestic and international palates. Marrunga has been developed with a premium quality food service environment in mind.

Mulwarra lamb is processed by two of Australia’s foremost establishments, with animals sourced directly from leading grower groups, which ensures a regular and consistent supply throughout the year.

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