Quality pork products with assured safety, traceability, and service.

Our products aim to meet our clients expectations, guaranteeing quality, traceability and service in addition to food safety. Here at Friselva, we work in line with our missions as we strive to be a socially responsible company based on our pursuit of sustainable profitability and a management style consistent with our corporate values: integrity, humility, excellence, and sustainability.

Food Source is proud to bring you the range Sunflower Pork – Friselva. Sunflower Pork contains higher Omega 3 acid and better-balanced Fatty Acids = Omega 6: Omega 3. Sunflower Pork fatty acids have a lower melting point, contributing to a tastier and flavored meat, which melts in your mouth.

  • Client: Provide the best service and product possible, offering quality and personalisation that creates value.
  • People: Encourage personal and professional growth by promoting a good work environment.
  • Society: Promote the circular economy and the surrounding area’s social development.
  • Suppliers: Build a relationship of trust based on transparency and mutual benefit.
  • Shareholders: Ensure profitability and a reputation that guarantees the company’s sustainability.
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