We offer the best grades of Argentinian Grass-Fed Beef from Azul Natural Beef.

Azul Natural Beef SA was born from the union of two families whose career in the meat and livestock breeding industry goes back over one hundred years in Europe and Argentina.

They produce meat cuts, offal and sub-products of bovine origin for international and local markets. Their plant, establishment nr 5039, is located in the city of Azul, in the center of the Buenos Aires province and in the heart of the pampas cattle raising region. They have a modern processing plant equipped with cutting edge technology and innovative systems allowing full automation of production and logistics. They use state-of-the-art equipment, methods, and technology in order to fulfill the specifications ands needs of every client. All necessary measures are taken to guarantee food safety standards.

Azul Natural Grass-Fed Beef

Continuing with its livestock tradition, Azul Natural Beef produces the highest quality cuts of beef for the most demanding customers in the world, based on a rigorous selection of livestock from the Argentine pampa.

Their Aberdeen Angus cattle are raised with excellent quality pastures, strict nutritional programs and rigorous control throughout the entire production process, from breeding to final fattening.

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