Firm texture. Clean flavour. Sustainable.

Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod produces premium, pond-grown Murray cod. Based in the Riverina, New South Wales, our business has a vertically-integrated approach for breeding, growing and supplying what is the world’s best-tasting freshwater white-fleshed fish.

The Aquna Murray Cod story started when a collective of pioneering irrigators in Australia’s Riverina region established an aquaculture industry — from scratch — approximately 550 kilometres from the nearest ocean. Watch this video to see where we hatch, care and grow our fish as close as possible to their native environment on the Murray-Darling Basin river system. Get a close look at Aquna Murray Cod’s firm, white flesh and learn why both high-end chefs and home cooks both love our product.

Dyer Heston Curriedcodwithcauliflower 003 Scaled
Sashimi Portrait