Food Source Vietnam is glad to announce the first shipment of Bone-In Products from Argentina – Azul Natural Beef. Azul Natural Beef has a modern processing plant equipped with cutting-edge technology and innovative systems, allowing complete automation of production and logistics. They use state-of-the-art equipment, methods, and technology to fulfil the specifications and needs of every client. All necessary measures are taken to guarantee food safety standards.

Based on a careful selection of livestock from the Argentine pampa, Azul Natural Beef offers the best quality cuts of beef for the world’s most discerning consumers. Their Aberdeen Angus cattle are kept on great pastures under stringent dietary guidelines and close supervision at every stage of the production cycle, from breeding to final fattening. Those are important factors why our 120 days Corn-fed Black Angus from Azul (In the Las Pampas region of Argentina) won several rewards, including a Gold Medal at the World Steak Challenge 2022.

You can now try Bone in Tomahawks and Bone in OP Ribs! Contact our team for more information.

Tomahawk steaks are a popular cut. Due to the unbroken rib bone, it is marbling, moist, and flavorful. The cut is a bone-in ribeye steak from the front rib of the beef. The thickness of the cut is determined by the thickness of the bone, which gives it a superb flavor and makes it look magnificent when served. The difference between Tomahawks and OP Rib steaks is that Tomahawk has a full bone structure, while OP Rib merely has a small bone stump.

Both Tomahawk and OP Ribs are excellent for oven or grill cooking. In the latter condition, it is advisable to give it a strong blow with the iron to seal it or sear it (roast it until it is slightly golden or toasted), releasing a delicious scent and forming a thin crust that keeps the steak juicy throughout cooking.