Food Source International Vietnam is proud to introduce for the first time in Vietnam – Gold Medal Winner at World Steak Challenge 2021 for its Ribeye – Azul Natural Beef – Premium Certified Argentinian Angus.

Chilled Certified Argentinian Angus – 120 days Corn-fed

Available now in Vietnam – Contact our Team for more information.

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From January 2022, Food Source International Vietnam will bring Gold Medal Winner Azul Natural Beef to Vietnam. Azul Natural Beef is a leading producer of high-quality meat products. It all starts with the rigorous selection of the finest cattle from the Argentinian Pampas. The cattle is raised in pristine pastures under a strict nutritional program and thorough quality control end-to-end from birth to final fattening to ensure the highest quality of the final product.

The chilled certified Argentinian Angus beef is 120 days corn-fed. It’s Ribeye won the gold metal at the World Steak Challenge in 2021.