Food Source is proud to be the first to import the exclusive seafood from Albany, Perth (Australia): The Akoya Pearl Oyster.

Akoya are grown in the Southern Ocean off the coast of Albany, where clear, salty waters create a clean, crisp flavor profile unlike anything else.

Akoya are a subtidal species and are grown on ropes using similar techniques to those used in mussel cultivation. They attach using a byssal thread, also like a mussel, and this allows them to move around on the ropes and congregate together. The Akoya prefer the marine environment where the waters are cool and clear, and they take around 18-24 months to grow to harvest size.

Described as having a flavor reminiscent of abalone, with the brininess and minerality of an oyster, and an underlying sweetness of a scallop, the Akoya are truly unique. Encased in a stunning pearlescent shell, the Akoya are a delicious sustainable choice for both chefs and diners and are widely versatile. Perfectly cured, cooked or raw, they can be complemented by a multitude of other flavors.

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