Food Source International Vietnam is ready to serve every type of customer in Vietnam, from individuals to big hotel chains and local retailers.

Food Source understands the challenges of each industry and are able to work with customers to ensure they are provided with the highest-quality products.

From independent hotels to big chains, Food Source International Vietnam has a wide range of experience. Food Source works together with chefs in creating their restaurant and banqueting menu, sourcing and offering the best products for their businesses.

The Sales team takes time to visit customers regardless of their sizes. In collaboration, the Sales team helps chefs with menus, considers new products or optimizes their purchasing to ensure the optimal balance between quality and cost.

With pre-packed and portioned food products, Food Source offers perfectly suitable products for retail shelves. The team works on forecasting and promotion strategies with customers to ensure product availability and outflow.

With a wide assortment of food service and consumer packs, Food Source offers the optimal mix for cash & carry assortment. Our vans ensure large shipments to distribution centers or directly to the shop floors.

Food Source’s bulk products are the perfect ingredients for your finished product. Together with the customers, the team can determine the most suitable ingredients and ensure an optimized supply chain to keep factories running.

Under, Food Source operates an e-commerce platform to ensure quick delivery to your doorstep for private home cooking experiences. Our retail-focused assortment is also available via