What makes Azul Natural Beef – Devesa so irresistibly delicious?
It’s the culmination of a carefully curated process that begins in “Pampa Húmeda” of Argentina, where the cattle supplier, deeply rooted in sustainable practices, provides the foundation for our exceptional steaks.
Thriving in the backdrop of a temperate climate and abundant summer rainfall, they roam freely in high-quality open pastures for over a year. This harmonious environment sets the stage for the exceptional marbling and rich flavors that define Azul Natural Beef.
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What is more, the cattle enjoy a transition from a diet composed of corn silage, rolled corn grain, and nourishing alfalfa hay. Starting with whole corn-plant silage, young cattle gradually move to a finishing diet of whole grain rolled corn, lasting 120-140 days. This careful process results in a buttery texture and umami flavors that melt on the palate with every bite.
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